Fruits of my labour..

So its fair to say that things have been hotting up for Hygge Food and I am starting to get really busy...with a mixture of events, catering jobs and making my veli-range. I still can't quite believe everything I've worked so hard for is suddenly coming to fruition!!!

Having your own business is not for everyone and I have realisied the reason it took me so long to get round to it. Even though I was constantly having ideas, creative moments and changing jobs, it still took me giving up my home, a 5 month trip around India and having zero income to kick start it.  So what do I want to share with you, how can I say it in the least amount of words, make it useful, relevant and interesting?

In a nutshell...setting up a catering business alone with no savings... takes time, patience, pushing yourself to the limit, really getting to know yourself, becoming close to your experience and potentially gaining a health condition. But don't let me put you off.

For some of us in this world we have no choice but to go solo, create our own income generation and walk to our own tune. If ethically you feel disconnected from your colleagues, question bureaucratic working practices, deplore workplace bullying and the inability to have your creativity or contribution noticed...having your own business could be the best option for you.

Going vegan has given me so much including the motivation, confidence and support to set up a business. The vegan community is bouncing with positive energy, support, points of view, opportunities, friendships, a different way of being in the world, a new found enthusiasm for cooking, increased compassion, solid friendships and improved nutrition. I feel ALIVE.

Too date I have taken no loans, ran my business from a Nissan Micra, stayed with a friend rent free, built up my equipment gradually and not bought any new clothes for nearly 2 years!! It has taken commitment, patience and being really humble. So new business people particularly VEGAN BUSINESS OWNERS, I salute you. 

If setting up is something you are considering and whether employed or unemployed...I recommend tapping into your local Jobcentre, getting support from Jobs & Business Glasgow, checking out courses from the Business Gateway and reconnecting with your local library services. Having a daily practice of meditation, self development and reflection are also really useful and my current mantras (positive affirmations) include: 


Rebecca Frost