Market Vibes....

Since setting up Hygge Food I have been full of ideas and enthusiasm for where to take my brand, what to sell and how to sell it. There is just too much choice particularly as Glasgow is such a thriving vegan city with its finger on the pulse. I have always been a free spirit with a restless energy, so trying to pin myself down to see through ideas can be a challenge.

After visiting Glasgow for over 10 years, I finally decided to move here after a 5 month trip to India and have been overwhelmed by the energy, friendliness and community spirit generally but within the vegan community in particular. In under a year I have been a supplier, traded at many vegan festivals, catered for some amazing charities, cooked for a vegan festival photo shoot and supplied food for some beautiful and intimate weddings. Catering can bring random and endless opportunities.

So whats next...
Well, January saw the launch of my new VELI-RANGE aka vegan delicatessen range, which will be sold at urban, farmers, vegan markets and on-line in a virtual market space. The Hygge Food Veli- Range actually came about as a reaction to customer demand for the accompaniments I was providing in sandwich's, snacks and main dishes. This includes sauces, pesto, mock meat and cheese etc. Most of my products are gluten free and made locally in small batchs by me. So the carbon footprint is reduced and where possible I buy local ingredients.

As a child growing up with very little money and from a low income area, most of my clothes and food were purchased at markets as well as the local jumble sales (bring them back).  I was what you might have termed, part of the British underclass (a household with income made up of benefits). So being a around markets and hearing the banter, the patter, the cheek, the new meetings, the small scale and locally produced products and freezing temperatures, seems very familiar to me, I am in my element in this environment.

So get ready for the banter, the freezing feet, the new friendships, the cheek...coming to a local market near you. Hygge Food staff will also be trained or naturally have good hugging, cheek and banter skills!! My products currently range from £3.50 upwards & they consists of:

  • African Red Pepper Sauce (gf)
  • Deluxe Red Pesto (gf)
  • Irn-Bru Chutney (gf)
  • Smokier BBQ Sawce (gf)
  • Vegan Scottish Crowdie Cheese (gf)
  • Brisk-ate (mock meat)
  • Haggis, neeps & tatties pakora's (gf)
  • Indian street snacks (gf)

Check my website, Instagram and Facebook for news of my whereabouts: which will be updated once confirmed. I can also take orders via email and can deliver locally (free of charge).

Peace and love

Bex @ Hygge Food




Eva Wolf