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vegan freedom food

Affordable, Cruelty-Free, Accessible and Creative Food Choices

Best Vegan Curries ever! Ps. I might just be your biggest fan. Do not stop what your doing!
— Instagram, April 2017
Delicious home cooking at its best! Amazing Indian and African inspired curries. Vegan tofu burgers, pulled ‘pork’ and other animal loving ingredients.
— Happycow, Aug 2017
Excellent sandwiches with plenty of gluten-free options readily available, All the food I’ve had has been so delicious and great value for money - really good portion sizes considering what vegan food can be like around here!! It’s so great to go somewhere as a gluten intolerant vegan and have so many choices. Pros: Good value, Creative menu, Excellent food.
— Happycow, 24 May 2017

what is hygge?

Hygge (pronounced hooo-gar) is a cultural concept I discovered in Denmark, which is about creating a sense of warmth and cosiness in your home or public space, which is needed in a Country that gets very cold and often has very little sunlight. Food can be Hygge and Scotland has tonnes of Hygge.